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Tairua Wharf Redevelopment Project goes out for more feedback

02 March 2016

Detailed design and schedule for the redevelopment of Tairua wharf and boat ramp will be reviewed by the Tairua Mary Beach Boat Ramp Working Group in early March.

The recommendations from the Working Group will then go back to the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board for consideration.

Late last year both the Stakeholder Working Group and the Community Board approved a draft concept plan for the Tairua Wharf and Boat Ramp which included:

  • Rebuilding the wharf in the same location, in wood and making it wider (4m) so that vehicles can drive on to load boats.
  • A new wharf pontoon to provide additional loading space for the ferry, which goes between Tairua and Pauanui. 
  • Widening and improving the existing boat ramp to help with launching at low tide. An additional two new 30-metre floating pontoons are proposed to help boat launching at all tides;
  • This development of approximately 17 new trailer boat parks (which could also be used as normal car parks) providing a total of 40 trailer boat parks in the immediate area.

The budget for the project has been set at $1.2m by the Tairua-Pauanui Community.

"The concept plan was drafted with indicative costs, which both the Working Group and Community Board endorsed to go out for community feedback," says Tairua-Pauanui Area Manager Garry Towler. "However it was highlighted at the time, that the concept plans only had a provisional cost for the construction of a rock wall, which is part of the redevelopment."

"As engineering costs have now been quantified, there's a high probability that project costs will go over budget."  We  are therefore taking this information back to the working group for consideration" says Mr Towler. "

"We are extremely mindful that we are not going out for a gold-plated piece of infrastructure," says Tairua-Pauanui Community Board Chair Bob Renton. "We are aware however, that the wharf has only about a 3-6 year life span before significant maintenance is needed and that health and safety requirements are met."

"There's been significant cost-benefit analysis done on this project and given the age, as well as limited engineering information and associated unknown risks raised, a rebuild was considered the most appropriate option," says Mr Renton. "We have also continued to listen to community feedback on the project, the most recent being through consultation late last year," he says.

  • In total 48 submissions were received for Tairua Wharf - Mary Beach late last year. Of these 60% were resident ratepayers, with the remainder being non-resident. 
  • 80% agreed with rebuilding wharf (20% disagreed). 75% agreed with a new pontoon at the end of the wharf  (25% disagreed)
  • 70% agreed with boat ramp improvements with 30% disagreed
  • 60% agreed with the proposed parking arrangements and 40% disagreed.

The Stakeholders Working Group will meet early March followed by an extraordinary meeting of the Tairua-Pauanui Community Board shortly after that to consider their recommendations. The date for the Board meeting is still to be confirmed.

To read the outcome of these meetings along with the history of the Tairua Wharf and Boat Ramp project go to

Community Board highlights.

The Tairua-Pauanui Community Board held its first meeting of the year on Monday 29 February. Some outcomes from the meeting include:

  • The Board approved the construction of a boardwalk path around a large pohutukawa on Paku Drive. This will involve widening the existing kerb and channel between the road edge and the tree, with no loss to road width. The path will be a boardwalk to protect the tree roots.
  • A draft design has been completed for a pipe extension at a storm water outlet at Victoria Court, Pauanui. The Regional Council are still to confirm whether resource consent is needed. A report will also go to Council's Infrastructure Committee with an update on design and consents before any further progress.
  • The Board heard on roading work going on, including pavement rehabilitation at Hikuai Settlement Rd, which will be finished mid-March.
  • The Board heard about all the activities that went on at the Tairua Library over summer including its school holiday programme and its "Season of Creativity," programme which provided a variety of learning opportunities through workshops that included creative writing, career guidance, craft making and guest speakers.

To read the Tairua-Paunaui Community Board's agenda click here.