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Historic Ferry Landing restoration nears completion

03 August 2016

The old stone wharf at Ferry Landing has a new look as its refurbishment nears completion.

The wharf was central to supporting kauri logging activities back in the 1800s and part of the original 1837 stone wharf still remains. The Wharf is classified as a Grade One structure by Heritage NZ and was in need of restoration.

Over the past 18 months we've rebuilt the walls and old stone steps that lead up from the Wharf to the landing, using some of the original stones from the Wharf, which were recovered from the sea floor below.

Professional stonemasons were also brought on site to ensure the repaving of the landing platform was in keeping with the historical heritage of the site. The old concrete petrol pump bases have been removed and new wooden marine bollards and seating installed.

"Thanks to some very talented local community members a new derrick has been crafted and rebuilt," says Allan Tiplady our Area Manager for Mercury Bay. "Historically the wooden derrick was used to winch heavy cargo off boats and onto the Wharf. What's fantastic to see the community getting involved in this project with this hands-on approach of reconstructing this new derrick".

The project is in partnership with our Council, Heritage NZ, iwi, Institute of Engineers and the Mercury Bay community.

The restoration works is thanks to a grant of $187,845 from the Lotteries Heritage Fund and approximately $250,000 from our Council. A further $80,000 is now being sought through external funding grants for the final touches to the restoration, which includes installing interpretative/historical signage, lighting, a ferry signal and a timber baulk.

Thanks to good project management the work has been delivered $200,000 below the original estimate.

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