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Te Kouma Wharf congestion to be addressed.

19 February 2015

Traffic and parking congestion at the Te Kouma Wharf (also know as the Sugar Loaf) and Hannaford's Wharf, Te Kouma Coromandel, led to some changes being made in the review of our Parking Control Bylaw late last year. The new bylaw came into effect on 12 December last year.

We have encountered a few teething issues while users of the wharves adapt to the changes.

There are now areas of the Sugar Loaf Wharf and the adjacent roadside parking that are restricted only tovehicles displaying a valid boating amenity parking permit. These areas are sign posted and people should take care when parking as the restrictions are being enforced and tickets will be issued. 

Day parking permits may be obtained at the Sugar Loaf Wharf through the Warden or through the honesty box system in place on-site when the warden is not present.  Alternatively annual parking permits may be purchased through our Coromandel office on Kapanga Road or at the Coromandel G.A.S. service station on Wharf Road.

There are still areas available nearby for parking without a boating amenity parking permit.

We are consulting with commercial users of Hannaford's Wharf regarding how to better cater for parking in the area.  Options for a Park and Ride system to help further alleviate congestion at the Sugarloaf were discussed by the Coromandel-Colville Community Board when they met earlier this week. A proposal with parking areas and transportation solutions are currently being developed in conjunction with the Charter Association and commercial users of Hannaford's Wharf.

To read the Council's Parking Control Bylaw 2014 see our website

Parking Control Bylaw parking restrictions

Boating amenity parking permit areas.

  • The yellow areas indicate times are indicated by signage/markings.
  • The red indicates a permit is required.

SH25 and Te Kouma intersection upgrade

As well as congestion, there's also safety concerns at the intersection of State Highway 25 and Te Kouma Road. There's been cases where heavy commercial vehicles use both lanes entering and exiting Te Kouma Road, lose traction and then become stranded across the highway.

We've made a submission to the Draft Regional Land Transport Plan 2015-2045 addressing these safety concerns.

Deputy Mayor Peter French made a presentation to the submission requesting that the Regional Land Transport Plan include a project to improve the safety at the State Highway intersection.

"The aquaculture industry nationally is hoping to become a billion dollar indusrty by 2025 and Coromandel is a big player," says Mr French. "The trucks servicing the industry are are getting bigger and even recreational trailer boats using the intersection are getting bigger, the safety of the intersection needs to be addressed sooner rather than later."

As well as the current traffic safety issues, any further development of Wharf facilities at the Te Kouma 'Sugar Loaf' site with anticipated growth in aquaculture on the Coromandel, will create an even greater issue at this intersection.