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Kopu Business Project Update

30 January 2014

We'd like to thank Kopu business owners and other interested parties who attended the 'Kopu Doing Better Business' BBQ last week (Wednesday 22 January).

At this meeting, we:

  • Addressed some of the Infrastructure and Services common themes together with ideas for the Gateway and Kopu areas that came through in the survey responses,
  • Outlined in brief the Kopu Development Concept Plan, the project work streams and the next steps,
  • and distributed a copy of the summary survey results to attendees.

If you were not at the meeting but would like a copy of the summary survey results, you can get a copy by clicking on this link:

Click to get your copy of the survey summary now

Common themes from the survey responses

There were some common themes related to infrastructure and services:

Stormwater issues

  • Drain maintenance has improved over the last 18 months.
  • Kopu will always have some stormwater challenges due to its geographical location.
  • Stormwater management planning will be progressed as part of the Kopu Development Concept Plan.


  • We're working with Chorus to upgrade Broadband Cabinets in Kopu to improve speed and access to faster internet.
  • We're happy to work with businesses and Chorus to get access to the Fibre network that is located adjacent to the State Highway (give us a call).

Power Outages

  • We've met with Powerco and Contact Energy. Businesses are asked to report outages to their power retailers and specifically 'ask for an investigation.' 
  • You should not presume there is sufficient power supply if you are planning to grow/develop your business or move it to another site. You should discuss power requirements with your power retailer.

Signage - Communications and Marketing


  • Will redesign the main SH25 Kopu sign.
  • Have asked NZTA to put in "icons" underneath the Green Kopu signs before the bridge.
  • Will look at additional signage as part of the Kopu Development Concept Plan work stream.

There is also a need to regularly trim the roadside trees to maintain visibility.


  • Traffic speed on Kopu Road - this is still an NZTA road. When the road is handed over to Council, the traffic speed can be reviewed by the Thames Community Board.
  • Sealing of roads - our monitoring and compliance staff are following up any outstanding road sealing developer matters.
  • Berm mowing adjacent to the Kopu Access Road is now included in the TCDC mowing contract. Many other berm areas are either maintained by NZTA or remain the adjacent landowner's responsibility to mow.
  • Footpaths - to be considered as part of the Kopu Development Concept Plan work.

Gateway and Kopu

There were a lot of good ideas for the Gateway and Kopu areas. You can read them in the summary survey responses.

Kopu Development Concept Plan


The purpose of this project is to facilitate collaboration and integrated planning and development between the multiple public sector agencies TCDC, NZTA, WRC and the community.

A Working Group has been established with representation from TCDC, NZTA, WRC, IWI and Kopu Land Owners Association.

Project Overview

There are four drivers and work streams:

  • Urban Planning - to provide further definition to the Kopu Structure Plan including engineering, economic and social/recreational needs of the community. 
  • Stormwater and Flood Management Plan - investigations to enable the planning and staged development of bulk infrastructure to manage flooding. 
  • Roading and other infrastructure considerations. 
  • Economic Development Review to include a Marketing and Investment Plan.

Key Deliverables

Plans to inform submissions to the TCDC District Plan and Annual Plan and the inter-agency business plans to implement the infrastructure requirements.

Proposed District Plan

The Proposed District Plan, which includes section 27.2 'The Kopu to Thames Structure Plan,' is currently out for consultation until 14 March 2014.

The proposed zoning of land for Kopu is light industrial up to the Te Kupata Stream. Have your say by making a submission to the Proposed District Plan.


 We propose branding Kopu for marketing purposes and welcome any branding suggestions you have. Please contact Marlene Perry or Lisa D'souza with any suggestions you have. (Scroll down to the bottom for their contact details.)

Kopu Business Group

We're helping Kopu businesses to start a Kopu business group for the purpose of facilitating collaborative marketing and as an advocate for Kopu business interests.

Thanks to those that have indicated that they'd like to be involved. If you were not at the meeting but want to be part of it, contact either Marlene Perry or Lisa D'souza (scroll to the bottom for their contact details).

Again, we really want to thank Kopu businesses for completing the survey and attending the BBQ last Wednesday evening.

Next Steps

  • A draft Kopu Development Concept Plan will be completed (and this will be submitted to the TCDC District Plan by 14 March 2014.) 
  • Another information evening is planned for 5 March to present the draft Kopu Development Concept Plan to Kopu businesses. (We will confirm the arrangements for the 5 March information evening once they are made.) 
  • A draft Marketing and Investment Plan is to be ready for release by the end of June 2014. 
  • Regular communications and updates from Council will be available to Kopu businesses. 
  • We will arrange one-on-one meetings in February with those that indicated in the survey they would like to meet with Council staff.

Key Council Contacts

If you want to discuss any of the the things we've been talking about, please do not hesitate to contact:

Greg Hampton
Area Manager Thames/Coromandel

Ben Day
Deputy Chief Executive and Economic Development Manager

Bruce Hinson
Acting Infrastructure Manager

Francois Pienaar
Project Manager

Register your interest in a Kopu business group

Send your branding suggestions or register your interest to be involved in a Kopu business group to:

Marlene Perry
Community Development Officer 

Lisa D'souza
Executive Assistant/Special Projects

If you did not receive an email and would like a copy of the summary survey response, please contact Lisa Dsouza by phone:  07 868 0329 or email her as above.