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Real estate agents give good Moanataiari vibes

06 March 2013

Last week Council staff met with about twenty local real estate agents, from every major brand, to fully explain the Moanataiari project so they could do an even better job when selling property at Moanataiari.

"The agents asked some great questions and also told us generally the market was moving on already and things were pretty settled - good news for the residents" said Communications Manager Ben Day.

Given the risk assessment showed little or no additional health risk for the suburb, Council staff wanted to make sure the agents really understood the issues and could fully inform prospective buyers.

The agents took away some facts sheets and staff have made themselves available to meet with owners, agents or buyers to discuss things if required.

"I think the penny dropped when we showed them that the additional risk had a few zeros after the decimal point and that the Hamilton City Water supply was up to twenty times higher in arsenic than the Moanataiari remediation target" said Mr Day.

"I guess it's lucky we can avoid eating dirt, unlike Hamiltonians who have to drink the water, even though it's deemed safe and well within drinking water standards".

"Our point to the agents was clear; we have uncovered a major policy disconnect between water and soil and common-sense tells us that if the government are ok with drinking water standards then they should be more than ok with Coromandel's geo-diversity and the levels found at Moanataiari" said Mr Day.

Council to consider next steps

The Council will make a decision on the "next steps" for the Moanataiari project after the Governance Group made a decision of 5 December 2012 to apply a "non-physical works" approach at Moanataiari.

It will also consider the removal of the majority of the western properties from the project given the Health Risk Assessment has revealed no additional risk in these areas.

"The Council are the final decision-making body at the end of the day and will now consider what the Governance Group have recommended" said Communications Manager Benjamin Day.

"We are conscious of the fact that we need to move as fast as we can to bring certainty to our residents and finish the job one way or another".

The next Council meeting is on Wednesday 3 April 2013 from 9:00am.

Find out more about the Governance Group decision here.

Community Forum restarted

We are meting at 4pm, every second Thursday at the Moanataiari School.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 7 March.

In the meantime, we are happy to meet with you to discuss any issues or questions you have.

Just call us on 868-0200 or email or