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Council to consider next steps for Moanataiari project

20 March 2013

A report is to be considered at the next Council meeting about the next steps for the Moanataiari project.The report outlines several options for the Council to consider.

Council staff recommend Option A

Council Staff will be recommending option A because of the very small risk to human health that has been identified from natural minerals, which also reflects the greater Thames-Coromandel geo-diversity.

  • OPTION A: "Support the provision of advice by health agencies and provide property information and other information"

"We strongly recommend for Council not to remediate against our naturally occurring geology and that simple and practical health advice is the best method for residents on the Coromandel, who live on mineralised soils, to reduce potential health risks" said Economic Development and Communications Manager Benjamin Day.

"With the additional average health risk at Moanataiari at only 0.00136%, from a lifetime spent on the subdivision, spending large sums of public money to reduce this risk is not compelling.

"The level of potential risk at Moanataiari to public health, is many times less than the potential risk posed by the naturally occurring arsenic in Hamilton City's water supply. If Hamilton's circumstance is non-compelling, then Moanataiari's is even more so" said Mr Day.

Residents and ratepayers are invited to attend the Council meeting and speak to the elected members about their thoughts.

Read the Council report here.

Where and When:

  • Thames Council Chambers
  • 3 April 2013, Public Forum from 9am

Read the Council report here.