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Sensible and cost-effective option chosen for Thames-Valley Water

20 February 2013

The Council has approved the Community Working Group and the Thames Community Board endorsed 'option' for the upgrade to the Thames Valley Water supply.

The option selected is to "Optimise and retain the existing supplies with provision for the Puriri River option and Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant option in the future".

Mayor Glenn Leach thanked the community and the working group for their involvement in selecting the final option "A good pragmatic decision has been reached, which has been endorsed by the majority of the community and is affordable for ratepayers".

The optimise and retain option includes the following:

  • Retain the existing intakes and water schemes (including the Apakura).
  • Re-consent the three takes.
  • Connect the Puriri and Matatoki schemes (they aren’t connected at the moment - this will reduce the take required on the Matatoki stream).
  • Renewal of the existing pipelines to reduce leaks and breakages (undertaken as a 25 year programme to stage expenditure).
  • Reduce volumes over time as losses are reduced due to new pipes being installed.
  • Potential to install Chlorine dosing at each intake - to limit organic growth inside the pipes.
  • Upgrades to the intake infrastructure (screens etc.) to improve quality.
  • Water meters and volumetric water charges for all users (farms and residential) to reduce water demand over-time.
  • Investigate further the requirement for reservoirs to smooth out daily demands.
  • $5.3M (non-escalated) over 10 years
  • This option is focussed on renewal of existing infrastructure. This option also keeps viable the future options of supplying all townships from the Puriri River or supplying from the Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant.
  • Puriri River - The requirement to move to the Puriri