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Council decides on a sensible outcome for Moanataiari

03 April 2013

The Council has decided not to undertake physical remediation at the Moanataiari subdivision because of the very low risk to human health.

Staff recommend option A: Council agrees

OPTION A: "Support the provision of advice by health agencies and provide property information and other information"

A report was considered at today's Council meeting about the next steps for the Moanataiari project.

The report outlined several options for the Council to consider.

Council staff recommended option A because of the very small risk to human health that has been identified from natural minerals, which also reflects the greater Thames-Coromandel geo-diversity.

Council have decided that simple and practical health advice is the best method for residents on the Coromandel, who live on mineralised soils, to reduce potential health risks.

The project is now effectively completed. The only outstanding piece of work is an updated LIM statement.

Council have asked for a proactive LIM statement which adequately reflects today's decision not to undertake any physical work because of the very low risk on the subdivision.

Staff will send this statement out to residents in May.

"To the residents and ratepayers of Moanataiari, thank you for your patience and your feedback over the last year, we know it has been an unsettling time for you" said Mayor Glenn Leach.

"We hope today's decision, based on the best science available, will help life return to normal, because the health advice that applies to Moanataiari is just common-sense".

"For the keen gardeners, don't miss another season. Follow the health advice and grow your vegetables and fruit and enjoy. Just wash your spuds and follow normal health and hygiene practices" said the Mayor.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

Read the Council report here.