New Chum - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process now that an amended application has been withdrawn?

The current application was lodged in October 2014. If the application goes to a formal public notification people will have 20 working days to make a submission. We have a strong commitment to keeping the community informed about what will be happening every step of the way in this process.

What does a rural residential zone allow for?

In some areas we have a 'Rural Residential Policy Area' overlaying the Rural Zone. These areas are generally on the edges of our towns or large villages where people can enjoy the benefits of a rural lifestyle a short distance from the town or village where support services and infrastructure is provided.

Will the public be able to see the houses from New Chum Beach?

In its (withdrawn) amended application Coastal Land Trust Holdings Ltd says proposed dwellings won't be visible from New Chum Beach, however some of the houses may purportedly still be seen from a boat in New Chum. In the more recent October 2014 application it says any houses or buildings won't be seen from a public viewpoint due to landscaped planting.

All proposed houses and accessory dwellings will also be subject to further resource consent applications as well as design controls (Architectural Design Code) proposed as part of the rules of the Residents' Society.

All lots wil also have consent notices registered on the titles preventing any further subdivision (unless required for the creation of a public reserve). Some lots will also be subject to conservation covenants.

What is Council's involvement in New Chum Beach?

Council is committed to the long term preservation of New Chum Beach and is looking to work with different organisations and groups at options to make this happen.

One thing we'll want to ensure is that Third Party interests are looked after and that the native flora and fauna which makes New Chum such a special part of the Coromandel continues to be protected and also remains accessible for everyone to still visit, through the existing walkway," says Mayor Glenn Leach.

We'll also be pushing for a natural buffer zone between the development and the beach. This would run the full length of the beach and be maintained by a covenant, potentially through the QEII Trust or TCDC," says Mayor Leach.