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"Sensible and pragmatic" water decision for Thames Valley

18 December 2012

Decision made to maintain and optimise the existing Thames Valley water supply.

Mayor Glenn Leach and Deputy Mayor Peter French thanked the Community Working Group and the wider-community for their work and the "sensible and pragmatic decision" announced at two public meetings held in the Puriri Hall yesterday.

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Of the two options left on the table, the decision to maintain and optimise the existing supply was put to the community at the first of two meetings today and received nods of approval.

A second option, that of taking water from the Puriri River, was kept open for the future if needed.

"After good feedback from the community, we've also kept in rain water tanks for residential properties, on a voluntary basis, as part of the "optimise and retain existing operations" option" said Water Services Manager Bruce Hinson.

"We've also listened to the community and added the task of negotiating with Regional Council and Hauraki District Council to potentially take over the consent from Apakura Stream and take more of this water after HDC don’t need it anymore once their Kerepehi Water Treatment Plant is fully operational".

The public meeting allowed residents and ratepayers to discuss the options in more detail.

Final Decision

1. Optimise and retain existing operations

2. Keep future option to take water from the Puriri river

This decision does not provide for additional connections. Future subdivision will require new properties to provide for their own water supply, using tanks or other options.

Further public meetings will be scheduled in 2013 closer to the time.

Our deadline is to get a proposal to the Waikato Regional Council by the end of March 2013.


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