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Budget savings and prudent Ten Year Plan result in average rates decrease

28 May 2012

The Thames-Coromandel District Council is on track to deliver its second average rates decrease in as many years when it adopts the 2012 Ten Year Plan next month.

This year the average rate on the Coromandel decreased by 1% and next year (from 1 July 2012), the Council looks set on locking in an average decrease of over 5%.

“We’ve been able to deliver a good result because of a combination of two things; organisational savings and a prudent Ten Year plan” said Mayor Glenn Leach.  "We know times are tough for our people and this Council is determined to buck the national trend and deliver rates savings where we can. Even across the ten years, the average increase will only be 1.9%, which is a fair result and an affordable approach given these uncertain times".

“Our new Chief Executive, David Hammond, initiated an organisational restructure and a budget review project when he first started in the job in January, resulting in good savings for the district, which have now been added into the Ten Year Plan as well”.

“We haven’t cut back on spending in the right places either” said Mayor Leach. “We’re committed to maintaining our assets and infrastructure base, creating more jobs and making the Coromandel a better place to live, which is why we’re supporting things like tourism, aquaculture development, a Whitianga town centre upgrade, new community facilities and new strategies for youth, events and economic development”.

The final 2012 Ten Year Plan will be adopted at a Council meeting scheduled on Wednesday 27 June, with the plan taking affect from 1 July 2012.

For questions please feel free to contact our Chief Financial Officer, Steve Baker or your elected members.

Provisional average rate movements 2012/13*

  • District: -5.39%
  • Thames: -9.38%
  • Coromandel: -5.67%
  • Mercury Bay:  -2.50%
  • Tairua/Pauanui: -7.81%
  • Whangamata: -3.15%

*These figures are provisional figures based on an average rate only and are subject to final approval by the Council at a meeting on 27 June 2012. Council’s financial year begins 1 July 2012.  

Provisional ten year average rate movements

  • District: 1.9%
  • Thames: 1.9%
  • Coromandel: 1.6%
  • Mercury Bay: 2.1%
  • Tairua/Pauanui: 1.6%
  • Whangamata: 2.2%

Deliberation Highlights

After reviewing submissions from the public and deliberating on the draft plan this week, the Council has made the following provisional decisions.

  • Removal of the proposed 10% 'uniform annual general charge' (UAGC) from the water and waste water activities. Wastewater and water supply will be district funded (area of benefit only - i.e. only those that are connected or have the ability to connect)
  • Stormwater will remain 'ward funded' as opposed to district funded (to be readdressed at the next Ten Year Plan in 2015).
  • Dog registration fees will remain unchanged
  • The TCDC large rubbish bag price will increase from $2.05 to $2.25
  • Thames Valley and Matatoki water supply project budgets have been reduced from over $11M to just over $3M
  • Tairua and Pauanui water supply project budgets have been reduced by $2.136M & $1.587M respectively
  • Council has agreed to partner in the development of four new strategies; events, economic development, youth, disability
  • $300,000 over two years for the construction of the Kopu-Kaiaua section of the Hauraki Rail Trail from 2013
  • A feasibility study for the expansion of the Coromandel wharf to allow the passenger ferry to dock in town
  • $150,000 to partner with the community for the construction of a new skatepark in Thames from 2012/13
  • $4M contribution to community sports facilities for Thames
  • Upgrade works for the Coromandel Citizens Hall
  • Community Centre for Pauanui
  • Funding for the development of the sports ground in Coromandel Town
  • $6M reduction in the budget required to complete the Whitianga Town Centre upgrade.
  • Funding for more campervan dump-stations
  • Funding for Coromandel gateway signage welcoming visitors to our district
For more information about the decisions made by the Council this week, please contact your District Councillor or Community Board Chairperson.