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Coromandel Marinas achieve 'clean marina' status

01 June 2012

The Whangamata and Whitianga Marinas have been audited by the New Zealand Marina Operators Association (NZMOA) and have achieved compliance under the strict Clean Marina programe.


The Marinas underwent a rigorous inspection which covered over 200 items to ensure the facilities were undertaking the strictest practices, which includes the containment and treatment of stormwater and wastewater, trade waste and emergency procedures to deal with fire and fuel spills.

"I congratulate the Marinas on their achievement and their dedication to keep the Coromandel clean and green. The Clean Marinas programme involves an extremely strict audit and this accreditation proves that the facilities are world-class and are doing everything they can to ensure all the things we love about this place are protected" said Deputy Mayor Peter French.

The Marinas are now embarking on the NZMOA's Clean Boating programe, which has been developed to teach boat owners how they can ensure their boating activities keep the environment untouched and pristine.