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Highlights from the Council Meeting June 29

29 June 2011

Decision made on boat ramps permits...and much more.

Decision made: Boat ramp permits

Following a full review of the boat ramp permit scheme and after consideration of the view of the Community Boards, the Council today has decided to retain boat ramp fees at the Council owned facilities at Whangamata and at Sugarloaf in Coromandel town.

The fees will not be charged at Council boat ramps at Mercury Bay and at Tairua/Pauanui.


Council exploring new solid waste colloboration to save $

The Council is always looking to be more cost-effective. One strategy is to work with other Councils to increase leverage to drive contract prices down. Good news for the rate payer.

TCDC is embarking on a project to look for such cost-savings in our solid waste services (kerbside rubbish bag pick-ups and refuse transfer stations etc).

Today the Council approved the following:

- Approval to broaden the scope of the Shared Solid Waste Services Project to include:

- Joint collaboration at a strategy and policy level with the Hauarki and Matamata Council's

- Developing a joint Waste Minimisation Management Plan with Hauarki and Matamata Council's

- Examine the potential to also share "back office" management and other solid waste related resources and services.

Biosolids compost facility to be moved

The Council has approved the shifting of the Biosolids Compost Unit to the Whitianga Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) from the Tairua Refuse Transfer Station.

Due to consent issues at the site in Tairua, the project will move to a new location next to the Whitianga WWTP.

Composting of biosolids is the most economic method of dealing with biosolids from the Council's waste water treatment plants. Until the project is complete in about 12 months, biosolids will continue to go to landfill.

Diverting biosolids from landfill will save rate payers over $5m over 20 years.


Review of funding of the Dog control activity

During the review of the Council's levels of service for the 2012 Ten Year Plan project , staff were asked to review the funding split (between user-pays and rate payer funding) for the Dog Control activity. Currently the activity is funded 50% by user fees (fees and charges) and 50% by rate payers.

The Council proposes for the Ten Year Plan public consultation in January, that  the "split" be 60% user fees and 40% by rate payers, as a way to reduce rates in the district.

Coromandel Independent Living Trust request approved

At its May meeting, the Council considered a report on issues relating to a funding gap for the development of seven new housing for the elderly units in Coromandel by the Coromandel Independent Living Trust (CILT).

Today, the Council approved an interest bearing loan (fixed at 6.5% per annum) to CILT of $75,000 over a 25 year term, to allow the seven units to be built. Housing New Zealand are funding $1.2m for the project.

The Council agreed to fund the stormwater and wastewater work to ensure the development can be built.


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