Choosing Futures - a community vision

This project is now closed.

Back in 2005-2006 we worked with interested people in the district to describe what they want their communities to be like both now and in the future - our Choosing Futures.

Our own Ten Year Plan outlines its own contribution towards Choosing Futures Thames-Coromandel.

Our Choosing Futures are:

  • Our communities recognise and value the natural environment
  • The natural values of our coast and beaches are respected and enhanced
  • The Peninsula's long and rich history is valued and preserved
  • The diversity and character of our communities and the uniqueness of the Peninsula is a valued part of our lifestyle
  • Our local economies reflect the spirit of the Peninsula
  • The needs of both local and visitor communities are met through sound planning, ahead of growth and development
  • Our communities are healthy, cohesive, caring and supportive

The Choosing Futures Review - 2009/2010

In 2009/10 the Council facilitated a review of the Choosing Futures - a 'check-in' to see if Choosing Futures are still relevant as the communities' aspirations for the future of the district. The public were asked 'are the Choosing Futures still on track?'.

The feedback received was analysed and in summary the results were as follows: 

  • 47% of respondents said yes Choosing Futures are still on track
  • 26% said no Choosing Futures are not on track.

While 26% said that the Choosing Futures were not on track, analysis of this result indicated that the majority of these respondents were more so dissatisfied with the level of achievement being made with the Choosing Futures rather than a lack of support for their relevance. As a result, the Council considered the results of the review and agreed to retain the Choosing Futures as originally identified in 2006. This decision was made as both previous consultation and recent feedback indicated that the communities' aspirations for the future of the district had not changed.