Thames War Memorial Civic Centre

The Thames War Memorial Civic Centre is open & operating under COVID-19 Delta Level 2 restrictions.

Front entrance of the Thames Civic Centre

COVID-19 Delta Level 2 restrictions:

- Limit of 100 people

- Anyone entering the Hall must sign in by scanning the QR code (strongly preferred method) or using another contact tracing mechanism

- Wearing of a face mask whilst inside the Hall is mandatory. Note: if the Hall is being used for physical activity e.g martial arts, then you don't need to wear a face mask whilst exercising

- Maintain social distancing of 2 metres

- Do not intermingle with other groups that may be using the Hall at the same time

- Use hand sanitiser and disinfect touch points (door handles etc) upon exit


Thames War Memorial Civic Centre

Corner of Mary and Queen Streets, Thames

For more information on the Thames War Memorial Civic Centre see our Hirer's Guide


The entire complex can be booked, or just the auditorium or conference room or kitchen.

Download the applicable application form(s) from this web page and drop them in so we can talk about your requirements.

Bookings can be made at:

Thames-Coromandel District Council
Customer Services
515 Mackay Street

Phone: (07) 868 0200 
Fax: (07) 868 0234