Schedule of Fees and Charges : Refuse Bags & Recycling Bins

* See Transfer Stations (Solid Waste Fees Incl GST) section for drop-off unofficial rubbish bag fees.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST.

Refuse Bags & Recycling Bins (Recycling Crates)Units2021/2022
Official refuse bags (Standard Size) Per bag $3.90
Official refuse bags (Half Size) Per bag $1.50
Glass Crate Per crate $16.00
240L Wheelie Bin Per bin $124.00
80L Wheelie Bin Per bin $110.00
Wheelie Bin Tow Hitch Per Tow Hitch $20.00

See Transfer Stations (Solid waste fees including GST) section below or drop off un-official rubbish bag fees.