Schedule of Fees and Charges : Halls : Whitianga Hall

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST. 

Halls: Whitianga (Mercury Bay)Units2021/2022
Total Facility all day and night.* - 24 hours Per booking $250.00
Total Facility all day - 12 hours Per booking $150.00
Main Hall all day* - 12 hours Per booking $100.00
Supper room all day* - 12 hours Per booking $80.00
Total facility* Per hour $15.00
Main Hall* Per hour $10.00
Supper Room* Per hour $8.00
Casual Minimum charge* Per booking $25.00
Piano* Per booking $15.00
Sound system - regular user* Per day $25.00
Sound system - casual user* Per day $50.00
Bond for event, No liquor licence Per booking $250.00
Bond for event with liquor licence Per booking $500.00
*Unless significant community benefit in which case as negotiated with Community Facilities Manager or delegate