Events on the Coromandel

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Upcoming Events on the Coromandel

The Coromandel is host to numerous events throughout the year and there's always something coming up just around the corner. Check out our weekly What's on in the Coromandel news here.

Holding an Event on the Coromandel

We know that any event can be daunting for the first-time organiser and we are here to help make it easy. Check out the What's on in the Coromandel site for more about upcoming events.

You will need to apply to use any public reserve and be warned – in summer our reserves get busy with event bookings! There are also regulations that you may not have considered so be sure to talk to us for advice. It doesn’t have to be daunting - we will help you.

We've put together a comprehensive events guide which you should read before you start planning an event on the Coromandel.

Event Funding and Sponsorship

The Council supports events through dedicated event sponsorship programmes - find out more about these contestable funds here.

Key contacts for event development

For general advice you can get in touch with Kirstin Richmond, our District Events Coordinator


Mobile: 027 201 7918 or Phone: 07 8672074

For licences, permits, venues, funding and other event enquiries, please contact us.