Traffic Control Bylaw

The Traffic Control Bylaw 2017 was adopted by Council on 12 June 2017 and came into effect on 1 September 2017.

You can read the Traffic Control Bylaw 2017 by clicking here.

This bylaw rolls together several of our old traffic-related bylaws into one bylaw and allows our Council to set requirements for the control of vehicular or other traffic on any road under its care, control or management. It does not apply to State Highways or the intersections of State Highways and Council roads. The NZ Transport Agency is responsible for these.

The bylaw doesn't change any of the existing traffic regulations, it just moves them all into one place. For example, if your local street is one-way, this does not change under the bylaw.

If you feel the traffic regulations on your street need to be changed, you can contact our Customer Services team and lodge a Request for Service and our Roading Team will look at the request to see if it's possible.

What's next?

The Bylaw became operative from 1 September 2017 and is next due for review on 12 June 2022. 

Other bylaws relating to speed limits and parking remain separate bylaws: Parking Control Bylaw 2014