Freedom Camping Bylaw Amendments

Amendments to the schedules in our Freedom Camping Bylaw 2014 were proposed and went to public consultation in September-October 2015. Council adopted the amendments in December 2015.

Amendments to our Freedom Camping Bylaw

The amendments concerned a number of sites in the schedules in our Freedom Camping Bylaw. To see what was proposed, please visit our consulation portal. Full details of what was proposed and close-in maps of each site are there.

The consultation period closed at 4pm on 19 October. Hearings were held on 12 November 2015. Council considered the final amendments and adopted them on 9 December. The amendments took effect from 14 December 2015, in time for the busy summer period.

Background to the amendments

In the nine months our Freedom Camping Bylaw was operational before the consultation on the proposed amendments, we had positive feedback from campers, ratepayers and our staff about how freedom camping works in the Coromandel. The amendments reflect feedback from staff and the public about freedom camping specifically in a number of specific sites.

We do not intend to make any further amendments to the sites in the bylaw. However, our Community Boards have delegation over the designated areas for freedom camping on restricted sites around the District and may consider changing the designated area within the restricted site if it is appropriate to do so. This does not require Council consideration as it is not an amendment or review of the bylaw.

To read more about freedom camping in the Coromandel and to view the current bylaw, head to our Freedom Camping page.