Open Space & Community Facilities Strategy

This consultation closed 27 July.

To make sure our Council can make smart decisions now and in the future, we’ve developed a draft Open Space and Community Facilities Strategy.

Council is not legally obliged to have the Strategy, but has prepared it to ensure there’s a consistent approach to what it does with its open spaces and community facilities.

The Strategy is different from the Reserve Management Plans that are being developed for Council’s parks and reserves. Reserve Management Plans are only required for open spaces that are reserves under the Reserves Act 1977, not all open spaces, and are more focussed on identifying appropriate types of activities for each reserve. They do not provide an overarching strategic direction for Council activities.

The strategy intends to:

  • Provide direction for future Council planning, management and investment to so that we can meet current and future demand across the District
  • Provide a strategic overview and analysis of Council’s provision of open spaces and community facilities
  • Establish a framework for promoting a consistent approach to the management of the District’s open spaces and community facilities 
  • Form the basis for establishing and strengthening community partnerships
  • Be responsive to the dispersed nature and changing demographics of communities
  • Provide guidelines for Council decision-making about acquisition and disposal of assets
  • Provide the context and framework for development contribution requirements in respect of the District’s open space and community facilities.

To read the full draft of proposed strategy click here.